Your journey is unique. There is no single path to success. We’ll help you find the path that’s right for you.

Our Approach

We never shoehorn clients into a prescribed service model. Instead, we’ll regularly help you assess your internal capabilities, needs, and opportunities, creating a flexible service model that fits your needs on an ongoing basis. Here’s how.


Work together to understand your unique circumstances. Assess what’s happening in your business via the Level10 CFO Business Landscape Audit. Identify and prioritize needs and opportunities.


Customize our service model to fit your needs, balancing our approach with the internal capacity you already have. Agree upon service levels, protocols, schedules, priorities, and 90-day plan.


Revisit service model every 90 days. Adapt and flex our services to meet your evolving needs. If appropriate, agree on changes, scaling up or down to fit what’s happening in your business. 


The levels and types of support you need are likely to change over time. As your needs change, we can adapt our services to match. Expand the examples to get an idea of the wide range of support we can offer.

Outsourcing vs. Advisory

  • Raising capital on your behalf vs. providing guidance and support so that you can raise capital yourself.
  • Providing fully outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services vs. helping you bring your internal staff up to speed.
  • Serving as the primary POC for your board relationships vs. helping you manage board relationships yourself.
  • Leading a technology implementation vs. assisting your staff with technology selection and implementation planning.

Startup vs. Later-stage

  • Advising on business formation vs. assistance with business transformation that supports scaling and growth.
  • Raising capital vs. ongoing cap table management.
  • Creating incentive plans vs. ongoing benefits administration.
  • Setting up bylaws vs. helping with ongoing investor reporting compliance.
  • Helping you set up basic accounting infrastructure vs. helping you trouble-shoot existing systems and processes.

Why work with us?

At Level10 CFO, the quality of our services is driven by the quality of our people.


The chart below gives an overview of our capabilities. Engage us for as many or as few services as you like.

The only caveat? No matter what service level you sign up for, you’ll benefit from Level10 CFO’s advisory-led, tech-forward approach. So, even if you just hire us for bookkeeping, you’ll still get a value-added, forward-thinking lens on your bookkeeping processes, systems, and technology.


One final note. As illustrated, many activities occur within a collaborative team environment. This environment includes not only Level10 CFO team members, but also client team members and other experts from within our network. That’s why ongoing collaboration, communication, and process improvement happen in both upward and downward directions across all roles.

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