Nathan Baldwin

As a Senior Financial Analyst, Nathan collaborates with his Level10 CFO colleagues in a Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) capacity, building and analyzing clients’ financial models to create forecasts, reporting, and recommendations that support more effective business decisions. He is genuinely passionate about using financial analysis to impact and enable business success, providing timely insights into the numbers to help business leaders evaluate and improve performance, identify opportunities, avoid surprises, and drive profitability. In his more than seven years of experience as a Financial Analyst, Nathan has worked in the technology, aerospace and defense (A&D), oil and gas, and military sectors. Relatable, down-to-earth, and reflexively responsive, Nathan always makes sure people know where things stand. Even if he can’t immediately answer a question or complete a request, he’ll always immediately let them know when to expect it. Nathan takes a servant-leader approach to managing people, creating a culture of trust, setting up clear processes, systems, and expectations that support success, and making himself readily available to help as needed.
Nathan earned his BS in Finance from Pepperdine University, where he was active in the US Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program. He is certified in financial modeling by Wall Street Prep.
Nathan’s acute interest in numbers extends all the way back to elementary school. He always liked math, but he remembers being fascinated by stock tickers and graphs he saw his dad watching on CNBC. The exposure ignited his entrepreneurial spirit, ultimately encouraging him to enroll in college as a Business major. Only a couple weeks into his studies, however, a corporate finance class further opened his mind to the possibilities of forecasting, formulas, and financial analysis. He switched his major to Finance and has never looked back. After graduating, Nathan spent four years as an Infantry and Finance Officer with the US Army. He worked first as an Operations Manager, coordinating operations for 750 soldiers and managing his unit’s $100k annual budget. He ended his tenure as a Budget Analyst, improving budgetary reporting processes, operating SAP enterprise procurement programs for transaction management and reporting, and creating cost models for large military operations. After Nathan’s initial commitment to the Army was over, he was eager to move to the corporate world of finance. A fellowship program allowed him to stay with the Army while gaining experience as a Financial Analyst in a multinational A&D organization in Colorado. But he quickly discovered the new role wasn’t the finance challenge he was looking for. It was time to go further afield. Nathan next worked with a private-equity-backed oil and gas company, building complex, multi-scenario models to understand project economics, developing valuation models for asset capitalization, and assisting with development of a financial forecasting and tracking system to improve the accuracy of financial data. Unfortunately, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, the industry struggled and Nathan’s position was eliminated. Happily, the company’s CEO recommended him for a more senior position at a Fortune 200 electronics company. As a Senior Financial Analyst, Nathan was responsible for managing a $1B financial model and providing recommendations for strategy, financial risk mitigation, and performance. He also developed and implemented new processes for enhanced analytics and reporting to find budgetary gaps and recommend cost-saving solutions. Hoping to play an even bigger role in using financial analysis to drive business success, Nathan joined Level10 CFO in 2022.
Nathan was born and raised in Cambria, a small town on California’s central coast. An avid runner, he completed his first ultramarathon in 2021 — something he insists he will never, ever, ever do again. Nathan spends his free time running, biking, and snowboarding, and he and his wife are excited about spending time at their new vacation property in Crested Butte. Nathan also enjoys weightlifting, a habit he first picked up during his time in the Army.

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